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About us

A little bit of history:

For more than a year and a half, War Legend has been involved in the organization of Fortnite tournaments.

After organizing many LANs, we decided to automate our organization, first by creating forms and scripts on a spreadsheet.

Then, we started working on several tools and services to automate and simplify the organization of tournaments.

WLAT is one of them, again based on spreadsheet, and this time based on replay files. We had thus developed a replay file parser, from which we imported the exported data into the spreadsheet, which then allowed us to calculate the points. This platform was last used at the Orange Cup (Poland).

WLS is now our most complete tool, it allows us to have an exceptional flexibility, an ever-increasing reliability and above all an unattainable stability until now.

It's cool, but how does it work?

As mentioned above, WLS is currently based on replay files.

We are doing everything we can with our Dream Team to simplify the use of our platform for all users, whether players or organizers.

Thus, we have recently worked on the integration of external services such as Discord, but also on the WLS core.

We currently provide many public APIs, for developers, 3rd party services and platforms that want to integrate WLS into their services.

- WLS Team